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One of the top birding destinations of the world

The African Safari has always been the holy grail of wildlifers. Home to the “Big 5” game and lesser mammals it often eclipses the rich birdlife of the country. With over 1100 recorded species, Kenya is one of the best birding destinations. It has a fair number of endemics and the winter brings in migrants from Europe. Tours to Kenya are all focussed on the mammals leaving the birders wanting more. Here is a tour designed for birders, where you see the mammals but focus is on the Birds. The tour is timed to watch the residents and catch the migrants giving a window to target around 450 species.

The Maasai Mara is world famous for big game; the big 5 (lion, leopard, African elephant, African buffalo and Black Rhinoceros) We are in time to see the famous annual migration of the Wildebeast and try and photograph them as they do the river crossing. Following this heard of prey and predators would be a big trail of scavengers. We can possible see 6 out of the 7 species of Kenyan vulture (Egyptian, Hooded, Griffon, Nubian, White-backed and White-headed). There is more to the bird life here than just carrion eaters that can be found in this area, we could be seeing a lot of birds from the large Ostrich to the small Cardinal Quelea, the ever-present White-bellied Go-away-bird, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater. The Mara is also home to three relatively uncommon Woodpeckers (Golden-tailed, Little Spotted and Fine-banded). If you are really lucky you could sight the rare and elusive African Finfoot or the Blue Quail.

We drive towards Lake Victoria reaching Hippo point road where we expect to see Northern Brown-throated Weavers, Red-chested Weavers, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Water Dikkop, Carruthers Cisticola, African Skimmer and with luck Papyrus Gonolek.

We proceed to Kakamega for the forest species, we would be searching for greenbuls, alethes, turacos, forest weavers, Stulhman’s Starlings, warblers, widow birds. The forest has beautiful plants, butterflies and monkeys.
Lake Baringo is probably the top birding destination of Kenya, this lake with soaring Basalt cliffs on one shore poses a unique habitat in the rift valley. Home to the Heuglin's Courser, Lichtenstein's Sand-grouse, Spotted thick-knee, Gabar Goshawk, African Fish Eagles, Marabou Storks, White-faced Scops Owl. You might also see the Hemprich's Hornbill, African Darter, African Skimmer and Goliath Heron. You would also see the endearing Rock Hyrax which is the favorite meal of the Vereaux's Eagle.

Day - 1 Nairobi   Arrive at Nairobi and immediate transfer to Naivasha. Enroute birding at Mongue ponds.

Day - 2 Masai MaraDrive to Masai Mara and Game drives for the 'Big 5' and many birds.

Day - 3 Masai MaraGame drives on the Mara.

Day - 4 Lake VictoriaDive to Lake Victoria, Birding at the hotspot.

Day 5 - 6 KakamegaArrive at Kakamega for a different set of birds and monkeys.

Day 7 - 8 Lake BaringoBirding ay Lake Baringo

Day - 9Early morning Birding and depart to the airport.

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