Why Wayfarer?

When you decide to take an adventure trip, it says that you are ready for life! You have a pull towards the uncommon, a taste for remoteness and appreciation for the supremacy of nature. Next comes, where do you go? And the most important one; with whom? This is not a question easily answered. There is a plethora of adventure travel outfits willing to run your trip at varying costs.

Cost, generally is the deciding factor for any holiday but it shouldn’t be for an adventure trip. Adventure travel will take you to remote places; maybe you are running a river or skiing Himalayan slopes or camping, biking, trekking or overlanding across high altitude landscapes. These scenarios demand a highly efficient operator, world class equipment and guides and extremely swift footed risk management; everything Wayfarer is about.

Equipment on all our adventure trips matches the best in class, worldwide. We use 4 season 3/4 men tents to sleep two on a trek, giving you a sense of space and air. All our trips include specially made dining and bathroom tents.

Our guides have a vast experience of leading treks, climbs, biking, cycling or quad biking trips across the remote landscapes in Ladakh, Zanskar, Uttarakhand, and Himachal, Sikkim to the extreme wilderness of the north east India and Bhutan and are locals of the regions they guide. All our guides are certified from prestigious institutes like NIM Uttarkashi, HMI Darjeeling and DMAS Manali.

On rafting trips, we use NRS rafts which are the best in class for river expeditions. On cold and remote rivers we outfit you completely with wetsuits, gloves and everything the river may demand. All our river expeditions run with the backup of safety kayakers.

Our staff on all adventure trips like cooks, camp helpers, porters is fully trained to maximise guest experience. Our cooks are trained to prepare your meals under strict hygienic conditions. You would be fairly surprised on the variety of meals we offer on an outdoor trip. Our porters and pack mules are never overloaded and are subject to respect from all quarters; us and guests alike.

Our transport is chartered for long durations, so that we move our guides and equipment on schedule and there remain no chance of delay in your trip.

On ski trips we outfit you completely with the best ski equipment and all our guides and instructors are certified in advanced techniques from the above mentioned institutes. We assure that you learn the basics in the given time period on the basis of our course design.more about us »