Wayfarer Standards

What exactly can I expect on a trek or climb with Wayfarer?

All our trips are full service expeditions, where you walk only with your backpack containing a jacket, camera, some munchies and a water bottle. These trips include the best of following:

A trained and certified trip guide.

An excellent cook to rustle up a variety of meals.

Camp and kitchen assistants to take care of all the minute details at your camp.

Porters or pack mules depending on the trip to transport all the luggage and equipment.

3/4 men four season tents to accommodate only two, for your space.

High quality sleeping bags along with mattresses.

A specially made kitchen tent, dining tent equipped with folding dining tables, camp stools and specially designed bathroom tents.

A small library; which will be put up in your dining tent each evening.

On trips in colder regions, we carry gas heaters to heat up your dining tent and convert into a place of peace and comfort.

All meals while on the trail with a great variety. Meals will be green to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

All other equipment that may be essential on specific trips like rock climbing, rappelling, rafting, kayaking, skiing, climbing or the Chadar expedition.

The prices for all the trips are for the best services possible in the outdoors. We take care of all the minute details to make your decision to travel with us fruitful and rewarding.

Note: All these trips can be customised for groups preferring lower budget with matching services. Customisation is our forte and we shall be happy to execute your trip within your specified brackets.more about us »