Expressly Different

Because we serve a different breed of traveller, who crave the road less travelled - seeking real adventure and authentic experiences. They choose to abandon the cliché and are ready to get to the back of the beyond.

The SMALLEST group adventures…
We take size seriously, as our travel philosophy demands very small groups. Our maximum number is the lowest around, between only 12 to 15 travellers, and our average is usually even smaller at 10. You are sure to enjoy a small, intimate group that won't crowd your experience.

"Getting there is half the fun". We travel at a leisurely pace giving you the chance to soak in the smells, sights and sounds. Depending upon the adventure you choose, you could find yourself exploring remote lands in a 4WD, biking and hiking your way across wilderness or riding the bus with the locals. We look at transportation as a part of the experience and not just means to an end.

An integral part of the experience…

Sampling the local cuisine is a BIG part of the travelling experience. Our trips include most of meals but we really want you to sample local cuisines. On treks and expeditions we include all meals. Our meals are always fresh, hearty and wholesome.

Not just a place to lay your head…
Our accommodation is designed to be an integral part of the experience and capture the essence of the local area. We offer a variety of trip styles and accordingly you may spend the night camping at altitudes, at a safari cottage, at a charming lodge or even in a warm homestay.

Local Involvement
We let the locals show you their land…
We pride ourselves on our relationships with the locals of the lands we visit. Our trek and expedition leaders come from the destinations you are visiting. So you travel with the people who call your destination their home.

Sustainable Travel
Preserving nature for future generations…
Tourism that has minimal impact on the environment, respects local people and cultures, offers economic benefits to local businesses and communities, provides a memorable experience for travellers and protects destinations for future generations.more about us »