Birding at Eaglenest

Wayfarer: Eaglenest Birding
Birding on steroids.Shashank Dalvi

20th -30th April 2013

Day 1Land at Guwahati, drive to Ramaling camp. Overnight camp

Day 2Drive to Lama camp (2350m) in Eaglenest WLS. Birding in temperate bamboo, conifer, broad-leaved forest

Day 3Move to Bompu camp (1940m)Bird in temperate broad-leaved forest, meadows, road side scrub and old felled patches.

Day 4-5On these two days we bird around Bompu and also descend further to Sessni.

Day 6Bird on the way to Lama camp.

Day 7Post morning birding move to Sangti valley

Day 8Today we drive to Sela Pass birding along the ridge(3500-4500m) looking for high altitude specialties

Day 9Today we explore the Mandala-Sela road (2200-3700m)which passes through temprate braod-leaved forest,conifer stands and summer pastures.

Day 10Drive back to Nameri birding along the way..

Day 11Drive to Guwahati Airport for departure

11 Days of Birding Adventures

Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary has now come to be regarded as one of the hottest birding spots in the orient. Not at all surprising as it straddles the Himalayan as well as the indo-malayan across different elevations and habitats; this giving it an astonishing 500+ species. More than the sheer numbers its the amount of specialities here that make a mouth-watering prospect.

Apart from the Bugun Liochichla you can expect to see Temminck's tragopan, Hodgson's frogmouth, eight Wren-babblers (wedge-billed, bar-winged, pygmy, spotted, rufous-throated and scaly-breasted), Gould's shortwing, two Cochoas (Green as well as Purple), six Parrotbills (greater rufous-headed, lesser rufous-headed, brown, grey-headed and fulvous-fronted), Fire-tailed myzornis, 13 Flycatchers, three Tesias (chestnut-headed, grey-bellied and slaty-bellied), Gold-naped black-finch, golden bush-robin, rufous-breasted bush-robin and many many more...

Cost per Indian national
INR 47,880 per person*
Inclusive of:
-All accommodations
-All meals
-Inner Line Permit
-Expert bird guide

*Minimum group size of 8
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