Herping at Amboli

Wayfarer:Amboli Herping
Cherrapunji of the West

18th -20th July 2014

Day 1Pickup
check in to resort.
Walk in forest dept. garden
Post dinner walk

Day 2Trek to Parikshit Pt.
Night trail to Mahadevgad

Day 3Visit to Hiranyakeshi Temple.
Lunch and drop to station

Biodiversity Hotspot of the Western Ghats

Amboli is a small hill-station nestled in the western ghats. Little known outside the wildlife circles, its one of the cleanest and greenest hill stations for the same reason. Monsoon is the time when this place literally blossoms; green misty trails, stunning vistas, waterfalls and an amazing biodiversity.
The climate and the season make this a great place for herpatofauna watching and this would be the main focus of our tip. We would be looking for:
Reptiles like Malabar Pit Viper, Green Vine Snake, Olive Forest Snake, Beddome's Keelback, Banded Racer, Shieldtails, White-banded Gecko, Bombay Leaf-toed Gecko.
Amphibians like Malabar Gliding Frog, Bombay Typewriter Frog, Amboli Bush Frog, Wrinkled frog, Tiger Toad (Endemic to Amboli and Critically Endangered), Beddome's Leaping Frog, Cricket Frogs, Fungoid Frog and Caecilians.
Amboli is also a wonderful place to watch wildflowers in bloom. The birds of the western ghats too would be present and we would in between look up to see birds as and when we hear them.

Subject expert : Saurabh Sawant

Cost per Indian national
INR 8,880 per person*
Inclusive of:
-All accommodations
-All meals
-Expert guide

*Minimum group size of 8
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