Genuine travelling is not the overcoming of distance,
but the discovery of distance,
which is really the discovery of difference.
                                                                                    - James Carse

Travel is more than the miles clocked or the number of places you have visited, its about how well you have experienced the places. Travel is more than sightseeing its about exchanging ideas, beliefs and Discovery. Travel with a sense of adventure in your heart and discovery in your mind. Explore the world around and leave the conventional way for the ordinary.

Wayfarer aims to work on developing your interest in explorations, adventure sports, expedition travel and the great wild outdoors. We help you discover the explorer in you, who actively seeks out details of the culture, history, the land and its people.

Wayfarer runs fixed departures and customized adventures according to your interests and preferences. So whether you want to trek in the wilderness, raft the mighty rivers, take a trans-Himalayan overlanding, camp in remote places, cycle up the jagged mountains or go biking, we can execute the best.more about us »


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