Travel Tips

Immunization Guide
You will need to consult your doctor at least 6 weeks prior to departure, to work out an immunization schedule relevant to your destination country. The following is rough guide for immunization commonly applicable to many of our trips. However we must stress that this is only a basic guide - and you must abide by the advice of your doctor.
Polio - Normally you will just need an adult booster.
Tetanus - An updated shot is recommended.
Typhoid - A full course normally requires 2 injections separated by an interval of 4-6 weeks, however this series is now being introduced in pill form.
Hepatitis (A) & (B).
Anti-malarial prophylactics - Please consult with your doctor for the most up to date information about anti-malarial medication.
Given enough notice, your doctor or local health clinic should be able to administer all the above.

Effects of Altitude
Our trips / treks are designed to allow gradual height gain, spread over a number of days. There is no way of predicting who will suffer from altitude, but for the vast majority, the slow ascent to height will produce minimal effects.

Personal First Aid Kit
You should bring a small personal first aid kit with you,containing the following items. When packing, ensure this is well padded as medicines often get damaged in transit.
Any medicines / antibiotics required
Antiseptic Cream
Anti-fungal Foot Powder
Sunscreen - Factor 16 to 25.
Lip salve - Must have a high sunscreen factor. Zinc blocks are also excellent for burnt lips.
Insect Repellent
Malaria Prophylactic Tablets
Knee / Ankle support Bandage
Throat Sweets - plenty of them, the air can be very dry
Rehydrate Powder - please make sure you have enough for any emergency!
Analgesic - Paracetamol, Aspirin
Diamox – for altitude
Iodine Solution / Tablets - for water purification.

In case of a serious medical emergency we try and organise the fastest evacuation possible by road or air to the nearest hospital.

All people travelling with AQ are required to buy travel insurance.