Travel Tips

Cereals or porridge, eggs to order – usually scrambled eggs or fried eggs, toast or chapatis, aloo parathas, veg. parathas, jam, honey or peanut butter, tea or coffee.

In many regions the trek chef will provide a simple hot meal for lunch if there is water at the lunch stop for cooking. This could be noodles / potatoes, veg. curry, salad, rice and dal, tinned vegetables, chapatis or bread, tea / coffee / fruit juices. Sometimes when crossing high passes or drier regions a packed lunch will be provided which may consist of some of the following: bread and jam sandwiches, chapatis, boiled eggs, oranges or apples, chocolate, cartons of juice. Arriving in to camp – usually there will be tea and biscuits, sometimes cake if available.

Evening meal
Pop corn, papad and occasional starters such as pakoras, manchurian followed by soup and the main course. And sometimes a glass or 2 of wine is offered. Wayfarer provide the varied menu in the Himalaya. Meals vary from typical Indian food to Chinese, pastas and curries and maybe dessert! It is amazing what our trekking chefs can produce on occasions. With quite basic equipment they manage to produce very good cakes with icing, apple tarts, pizzas, fried chips, spaghetti, pasta and jelly. On the majority of treks most of the food is carried in from the road head, and depending on the area, this may be supplemented by the trek cook purchasing additional vegetables in villages.

It should be understood that on long strenuous treks some of the food items would not last the whole distance, such as eggs, and fresh vegetables like cabbage or cauliflower. Our chefs are well versed in producing a variety of menus and will almost always be able to accommodate specific requests. The most common of course is chips, chips and more chips.

Although we provide ‘snacks' such as boiled sweets or chocolate bars we highly recommend that trekkers bring their own little supply of ‘goodies'. AQ will also provide a variety of ‘goodies' such as chocolate bars, nuts and raisins, fruit bars or perhaps a variety of ‘treats' such as cheesecake mixes, fruit cake.

The trek chefs and assistants are trained to prepare the food hygienically and antiseptic water is provided for you to wash your hands before mealtimes. Other special diets can be accommodated with plenty of advance notice.